Bathroom Remodeling in Sarasota and Bradenton

To some, the bathroom is the sanctuary of the home- a space for privacy, primping and relaxation. Let's look at the details. If your current master bathroom makes you feel like going back to bed, It's time for a refresh. Trade the poor lighting, stained floors, and scuffed counters for something modern, stylish, and most importantly - enjoyable for you and yours. If you find your bathroom does not provide necessary functionality, it’s time to consider a makeover. Big and small,  we can handle it all.

A bathroom remodel project can be the perfect solution if you’re dissatisfied with the layout or appearance of your bathroom. If you are a homeowner in Sarasota, Florida, or a nearby community who is thinking of having a remodeling project done, consider the many benefits that can come with embarking on this project; one advantage of a bathroom remodel is that you’ll likely have more space to move around in. Sometimes a large tub or clunky cabinetry can make a bathroom appear much smaller than it is and a remodel project can better optimize your space and allow for more freedom of movement. Another advantage is that you’ll be able to update your bathroom’s appearance. Outdated fixtures can make a bathroom feel a bit drab, but a remodel project can allow you to add new features such as a walk-in shower or elegant cabinetry to brighten the space and make it appear more modern.

From cabinetry to countertops, to lighting and plumbing, our designers create what works best for you. Here are a list of some of the options available for a Bathroom Remodeling project.

  • Large format tile – Options for tiles have come a long way over the last few years. Adding large format tiles to flooring is among the popular trends because it creates the illusion of a larger space

  • Multiple body sprays – Adding multiple body sprays to a shower remodel creates a soothing sensation and can be adjusted with angles and pressure.

  • Bathtubs – While there are still homeowners who want a deck-mounted tub, free standing bathtubs have increased in popularity and can even be designed as the focal point of a master bath.

  • Shower seats – shower seats provide functionality for shaving legs, but are also popular to extend shower times when combined with rainfall shower heads, handheld shower heads and even body sprays.

  • LED lighting – While LED lighting isn’t new, there are now a number of lighting “temperatures” to create a soft atmosphere or fully illuminate other areas of the bath.

  • Tile designs (inlays, shower niches, etc.) – Incorporating multiple styles of tiles with inlays or within shower niches create a beautiful impact in bathroom designs.

  • Vanities – vanities offer multiple storage solutions with integrated power outlets, LED lighting in drawers, as well as furniture grade finishes.

Learn more about our Bathroom Remodeling capabilities by calling us or stopping by one of our showrooms.


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The Bathroom Remodeling Process

1. Initial Meeting 

After we have gathered general information, a consultation meeting is scheduled. We get the chance to get to know you, and for you to get to know our team. 

2. A Home Visit 

Seeing the space in person, taking measurements and going over your goals, budget, and ideas helps keep our team aligned with your needs from the start.

3. Selecting your Designs

This is the fun part. Our seasoned designers will pre-select fixtures, colors, and features based on your first conversations. Then you come into the showroom and test them out for yourself. This reduces the amount of options to look at and believe me - the designers will blow you away with how close they get to your vision!

4. Construction Agreement 

They say the devil is in the details and we don't like grey areas. We take the time to make sure we are on the same page at the beginning. This is the final document, outlining the scope of the project, product selections, and the cost. 

5. Pre-Start Meeting

About a week before construction begins, our construction manager and lead carpenter meet with you on-site to talk about what will happen during the project -when, who will be in your home (and at what time). 

6. The Reveal 

Step into your completed space, cleaned and ready for daily use. The most common thing we hear? "I wish we had remodeled our space sooner!" 

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What Can I Expect During a Bathroom Remodel?

When planning a bathroom remodel at your home in Sarasota, Bradenton, or the surrounding areas, you should expect is nothing less than a pleasant, stress-free remodeling experience. Your remodeler should be courteous and organized, provide status reports as your project progresses, and plan the remodel intelligently so that it has minimal impact on your daily life. The question is, how does one maximize the chances of remodeling success?

The best place to start is to take a close look at the company that you choose to complete your bathroom remodel in Sarasota, FL, or a surrounding community. After all, your remodeling experience is going to depend on the company you hire, so choosing a company with a proven track record of success is a good starting point.

Something else that you should consider when it comes to home remodeling is that there are many moving pieces in any given project. There are several different phases of remodeling, including design, product selection, and construction. When these phases are handled by different firms, it’s easy for things to get disorganized. This is a major reason why the design/build remodeling process was created. Design/build firms manage remodeling projects from start to finish – from the initial concept all the way through to the last coat of paint on the wall. Choosing a design/build firm for your bathroom remodel can help to ensure that your project is finished on schedule and on budget.

Bathroom Remodeling Timeline

Another important question to consider. "How long with my Bathroom remodel take?" The answer varies project to project but you can expect your entire remodel to take realistically three to six months on average from start to finish. The Gilbert Design Build team is typically only in your home for 6-8 weeks of that time for the build itself. The rest of the timeline is spent in design and pre-construction. 

Visit our page on the Remodeling Process for more details





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