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Kitchen Remodeling in Sarasota and Bradenton Areas

Discover the possibilities. When you invite Gilbert Design Build into your kitchen, you open the doors to the entertainment and cooking space you’ve always dreamed of. As an experienced design/build firm in Bradenton and Sarasota, we evaluate how you want to use the space, and work with you on concepts, renderings, design, material selection and construction to transform your kitchen.

When you invest in a new kitchen you want it to stand out from any other. You want the space to allow work to flow seamlessly without bottlenecks. Whether you are an amateur cook or professional chef, your kitchen design should be sensible, placing the items you use most often within arm’s reach.


Types of Kitchen Remodels


Cosmetic Upgrades
The perfect option for Sarasota, FL, homeowners who want to upgrade the look and feel of their kitchen. This option includes replacing some of the easily replaceable items, like countertops, lighting, backsplashes, and more.

Pull and Replace
A wonderful option for homeowners who like the layout of their kitchen but would like to upgrade what’s in it. This option would replace all of the products, but not change the structure of the room; this includes flooring, cabinets, countertops, and sinks.

This is a solution for homeowners who would like to change the layout of their kitchen, move or eliminate a wall, add an island, raise the ceiling or move the location of appliances, for instance. Anything is possible in this category.

Kitchen Remodeling Cost Report

What Is the Difference Between Working With a Design Build Firm and a Kitchen Contractor?

Choosing a design/build firm as opposed to a general contractor for a kitchen remodel has many benefits. A design/build firm creates custom kitchens by working as a single entity that takes full responsibility for all aspects of these projects, as opposed to having different parties responsible for various elements of the job (design, product selection, construction, project management, etc.). This allows for a more streamlined process and easier communication so that your project can stay on budget, on time, and on par with your vision.

Gilbert Design Build is a full-service design/build remodeling firm. This means we provide both design and remodeling services under one roof and guide our customers from their initial ideas to their completed custom kitchens. When homeowners in Sarasota, FL, and surrounding areas choose Gilbert Design Build, we will:

  • Have a detailed discussion about aesthetics and functionality. During our initial conversation, we will discuss the ideas you have for your remodel, the project’s scope of work, and learn about your preferences for design and functionality
  • Produce several kitchen design concepts and share product samples.  Our designers will produce several design concepts, which will be brought to life with 3D renderings of your space. 
  • Revise our designs as necessary. 
  • Product procurement; after you are 100% satisfied with your design, we will order the products and materials needed for your remodel and store them until construction begins.
  • Provide a detailed scope of work and an accurate project cost. 
  • Abide by our very high standards of craftsmanship when it comes time for construction.
  • The construction of your new kitchen, which will be completed by experienced home improvement professionals and backed by our one-year workmanship warranty.

One of the greatest benefits about design/build remodeling is its convenience factor. Rather than running around town trying to coordinate with multiple remodeling professionals, Gilbert Design Build can guide you from the beginning to end of your remodeling project as your single point of contact. Other benefits of relying on a design/build firm for your remodel project include:

  • Budget management – Because your entire team is working together under the same roof, everyone is made aware of what the budget is for your kitchen redesign from the very beginning, so they can easily hold each other accountable for staying on budget.
  • Quicker turnaround – Delays can happen frequently when multiple remodeling professionals at different locations are involved, but our team works together and keeps everything moving along in a quick and efficient manner.

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Kitchen Design Styles

Contemporary – A modern and sleek design

  • Streamlined surfaces
  • Open concept movement
  • Lively colors

Traditional – Past trends with a fresh touch

  • Modern and elegant
  • Small and Cozy Cottage charm
  • French Country
  • Coastal tones and beachy

Open Concept– Spacious design for small spaces 

  • Make smaller homes feel more spacious
  • Facilitate conversation between family members and guests
  • Bring in more natural light by eliminating walls
  • Allow meal prep to be integrated with other activities

Transitional– A marriage of traditional and contemporary 

What Makes a Kitchen Transitional?

While it may be hard to come up with an exact definition for the transitional style, what most remodelers and designers will agree on is that a transitional kitchen remodel is a marriage of both traditional and contemporary design elements. Apart from that, though, the transitional style can really be whatever you want it to be. Will your kitchen lean more toward a classic or modern design? Should the cabinets be wood? Well, it’s all really up to you!

Common Elements of a Transitional Kitchen Remodel

The appearance of transitional kitchens may vary greatly, but there are some general guidelines you can follow as you dream up your kitchen design. For instance, a transitional kitchen typically features a:

  • Mix of both natural and manufactured materials – You may see wood, stone, glass, and steel components all in the same space.
  • Neutral color palette – Pops of color might be used, but for the most part, transitional kitchens generally utilize varying shades or neutral colors.
  • Blend of old and new design elements – In a transitional kitchen, you might see a modern stove with an old-fashioned hood or a natural wood table with a contemporary light fixture over it.

With a transitional kitchen remodel, it is common to see striking contrasts of warm and cool, dark and light, or soft curves and bold lines.

Benefits of Choosing a Transitional Style

There are many reasons to go with a transitional-style kitchen. Transitional design allows you to express yourself without being constrained to one aesthetic. You’ll be able to take the best elements from traditional and modern design and create a space with your own unique flair. What’s more, your kitchen will stay relevant while specific trends come and go.

If you’re interested in pursuing a transitional design for your upcoming kitchen remodel, contact the expert kitchen remodelers at Gilbert Design Build. We’d love to schedule a no-obligation initial discussion with you at our design center here in Sarasota.


Custom Kitchens for Homeowners in Sarasota, FL

Our custom kitchens are more than just aesthetic makeovers – they’re the best remodeling solution if you’re looking to customize your kitchen to fully meet all of your needs. In other words, a custom kitchen remodel is a complete renovation that not only involves replacing everything in the room but also updating its functionality and making any needed structural changes.

For instance, custom kitchens can include:

  • Installing all new products (cabinets, countertops, appliances, flooring, etc.)
  • Moving walls to change the room’s layout
  • Removing walls to open up the room
  • Relocating the kitchen to another part of the house
  • Expanding the kitchen with a walk-in pantry

For custom kitchens, homeowners in Sarasota, Florida, and surrounding areas turn to the experts at Gilbert Design Build. Our talented and experienced staff will be happy to listen to your  ideas and help you transform your dream kitchen into a reality. The pleasant remodeling experience that we offer, as well as our original designs and exceptional remodeling work, are just a few of the reasons why we have satisfied many customers with our custom kitchens.

Contact Gilbert Design Build today for more information about the custom kitchens that we design and build for homeowners in Sarasota, FL, and surrounding communities. One of our friendly designers will be happy to assist you.

Learn more about our Kitchen Remodeling capabilities by calling us or stopping by one of our showrooms.

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A Fifty Year Old Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen was closed off from the dining area, so they wanted to open it up to be one large room because they enjoyed entertaining. Our couple also wanted to add a kitchen island, as well as update the aesthetics like cabinets and countertops.

We are seasonal residents in Florida and the remodel was done during the time we were absent. We had selected all of our new materials and products before we left. Gilbert gave us daily updates and progress photos. When we arrived back in Florida, and saw our new kitchen in person, we were absolutely delighted.
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