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Media Rooms, Laundry Rooms, & More in Sarasota and Bradenton


Have you been dreaming of a unique space to call your own? Gilbert Design Build has done a variety of specialty room renovations including bars, wine cellars, media rooms, home offices, laundry rooms, living rooms, and walk-in closets. No matter what passion you have in your life, Gilbert Design Build can help you dedicate a room in your home to your passion so you can enjoy the comforts of a movie theater, office, or bar right from your own home.

If your home isn't big enough to incorporate your passion room, we can take a look around and discuss options for creating the space or adding on to your home to fit the required space you need for your specialty room. As a Sarasota design-build remodeling contractor, we can work with you to discuss creative solutions such as built-in storage, such as versatile cabinetry, and dual-purpose furniture and fixtures to make sure you have what you need.


Whether you're looking to add smaller interior features to update a room or incorporate them as part of a larger remodeling project, our team at Gilbert Design Build is experienced in designing features that will improve your home's functionality. If you're looking for something truly custom, we can work with you to create a room that makes your home truly special.

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